What do people think of us?

Here are just a few of the comments from our students

“Thank you so much for re-assuring us we didn’t have to rush to rent a house before our exams”
“I was getting so stressed with the exams, thank you for not doing any viewings at our house until we had finished”
“Great! We have got our property, now we can relax. Thank you so much for your help”
“We don’t want to go through a High Street agent and pay their fees, we really want to find one through the Uni so we don’t have any fees and we know you will look after us”
“Thanks for taking us round in the bus, it gave us a good opportunity to see what is available”
“Thank you for explaining it all to us, its all very new to us”
“Thanks for talking to my parents. They were worried about what I was signing, but you have re-assured them now. Thanks”
“Your advice was really good. We have looked at a few properties so we can compare the standards”
“We realise now that’s it not just about the agreement, its about whether the property is of a good standard with a good landlord”
“Thanks for being so quick when our oven broke. The landlord came out Monday and replaced it”